25 Jun

I don’t brag much, but I’m just too excited for some stuff not to!

First of all, look how green our grass in the backyard is! The St. Augustine is growing quite well! Now, if only we could get our front yard looking the same!

Second, WE SOLD THE CAR!!!

We have been up since 7 doing all kinds of stuff to get it ready, and we are so glad it’s finally off our hands! It’s so not worth paying $600 for it to just sit in our driveway!

I will miss her though, because she is the one I first learned how to drive stick with…:(

Thirdly, this isn’t bragging, but more of a ‘Really?’ moment that happened to me. I scraped my first car! Evidently, I cant get it out of a parallel parking spot. I scraped the post, and our neighbor had to come over and rescue me! It wouldn’t even be so embarrassing if he wasn’t outside OR the water meter lady wasn’t either. Both were coming over to help me! Ha! -_-

Fourthly(Is that a word?), I have memorized my favorite commercial as of right now. I honestly think I’m addicted, because I can never get it out of my head!!

Last, but not least, be jealous that I get to spend the entire night with the most wonderful man in the whole wide world!! I’m sorry, ladies!!


2 Responses to “Bragging”

  1. Caitlin June 25, 2011 at 4:25 am #

    I just wanted to say that in high school I got stuck on one of the menu signs at Sonic while driving my mom’s suburban. The only way to get unstuck was to continue dragging the car against the pole and then I had to explain to my parents. So embarrassing.

    • Emily June 25, 2011 at 3:10 pm #

      Oh, no! That is horrible!! Yeah, as soon as I heard the loud noise, I just cringed up inside! I was going to wait for the perfect time to tell Ryan, but he noticed it right away :(

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