24 Jun

My best friend wrote me on twitter this morning after reading yesterday’s post:

Yes! Why did I not even think of that? It’s just what I needed to hear. Everything has been so haywire lately, that I have forgotten the most simple things like having my daily devotional. Satan is wedging his way into my relationship with Jesus, and I’m tired of it! It reminds me of the song, ‘Enemy’s Camp’.

Well, I went to the enemy’s camp and I

took back what he stole from me (x3)

I went to the enemy’s camp and I

took back what he stole from me

You know He’s under my feet (x6)

Satan is under my feet

The devil will not win! 

As a matter of fact, Ryan and I already talked about it, and we are going to my brother’s church this Sunday! I am ready to be back on fire for Jesus!

On another note, I can’t sleep. No, it’s not because of nightmares, but the fact I had an hour nap at 10 :(

All day today, I have been on the phone with Ryan, Amoco federal credit union, the guy who’s interested in our car and his bank. Why must it be so complicated to sell a car! haha.

Ryan got home around 3 (how that happens, who knows!) and we have been doing fish stuff (by we, I mean he) and I’ve been cleaning and doing my wifey duties.

Ooh, I made some tilapia for dinner, followed by chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. Can you say yumm?

Our neighbor has hurt his neck, so I made him some strawberries too. He’s a grown man, but hey- everyone can eat some ‘get well soon’ munchies, right?

Around 9, we were going to have a House marathon, but we were just too tired after one 40 minute episode. Can you say, ‘pathetic’? lol

We went to bed at 10, and I fell asleep rather quickly and I rolled over to cuddle Ryan and he’s not there…he couldn’t sleep so he went to work on something else. After an hour nap, needless to say, now I am wide awake -_-

Good News is….NO NIGHTMARES FROM MY NAP! It’s about time! Thank you, Jesus!

Overall, it has been a successful day, and hopefully tomm. we will have this car sold! I’m so nervous its not even funny! I am trying to get my hopes up too high, but I am failing miserably :(

Goodbye, car… Hopefully! You will be missed!!


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