Wreck on 35

23 Jun

I know I didn’t write yesterday, and I have no better excuse except that I was too lazy. I slept in until 9, cleaned up a bit, and then I started talking to my bestie :)

She is a nanny to the cutest little boy, Kamran who is 9 months old. Did I mention he was adorable??

She sent me this video on him learning about glass windows, and it totally made my day!

After laughing at all the videos she posted, we chatted for a while longer, then I went off for a nap. Yes, I know it’s sad taking a nap at 11, but I was worn out!

The past few days, I have been so tired, and not to mention hungry! I have been eating like crazy! It’s not even real. Normally, I skip breakfast, eat a light and healthy lunch, then supper. Well, yesterday, I ate cereal in the morning, a snack, a sandwich at 2, another snack around4, and dinner at 9. Yes, that is seriously an insane amount of food, but whenever I went too long without eating, I felt faint.

Yesterday was mainly about maxing and relaxing. I spent all day Saturday cleaning my house from top to bottom for people to come over for father’s day, so my house was mainly clean. I swept and mopped the floors, but that was really all that needed to be done. I started a new show on Netflix, ‘Flashpoint’. It was actually pretty good. The show concentrated more on the characters rather than the crime that was being committed. Normally that wouldn’t be my forte, but it was the pilot, so I will give it another chance.

I planned to make a really yummy supper last night: fish, brocolli, rice etc but Ryan wasn’t home until 10 last night! Insane, I know. There was a huge wreck on 35, so it shut down EVERYTHING in the metroplex. Ryan spent a little more than 4 hours on the road going 5 miles an hour -_-

I do know there were some deaths though, so please keep their families in your prayers.

Copyright WFFA

Copyright WFFA

Once Ryan got home, we pretty much passed out. Yes, we are an exciting young couple :) haha

I wouldn’t change anything for the world!


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