Girl’s Day

23 Jun

This morning was a good news/ bad news sorta morning.

Good News: We have a prospect buyer who is really interested in buying our cobalt! I know I shouldn’t get too excited for this, but I’m really hoping everything works out!

We are paying $600 a month for Ryan’s car and we don’t even drive it. Mostly because we have known we wanted to sell it so we don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. It’s crazy to pay that much money for not driving it. Ryan has his work truck, and I have my car so even if we did drive it, it would be once or twice a month.

The guy is driving from Odessa Thursday night, and he is pretty much set on buying it if it’s in the condition we say it is. Trust me, it’s in great condition! Ryan has babied and I do mean babied it from the moment he got it!

We dropped the price down to 14, 500 even though it’s worth 20, 000 because we aren’t upside down; we just wouldn’t make any money off of it. This guy is our first major prospect buyer, and we really just want to get it from beneath our hands!

So yeah, we are praying that this will go through. Who couldn’t use some extra cash? We will put all of that plus some in a retirement fund, because we both know there will be no social security the time we get older. It’s nice being able to put money in retirement, but it stinks because all of your friends are out spending cash on new things, and you can’t because your ‘saving for your future’ haha.

oh well.

So, I also told you we woke up to some bad news.

Our coral is dead. I posted that our fish was dead too on twitter, but I made a mistake; He was sleeping! lol

On Sunday, we bought a beautiful coral that is a pain in the behind to keep alive!

He has a mind of his own- seriously. He loves to be in areas with alot of crevices, and he loves to move around. If he decides he doesn’t like his current location, he will let go of the rock and float around until he comes into contact with something.

Well, he just came into contact with the wrong thing- the powerhead.

We rescued him, and he is all chopped up :( We still have him in the tank though, because he has about a 12% chance of coming back to life.  It’s looking good right now…

So yeah, this morning was fun :/ ha!

It got better though :)

Natalie and Robyn came over for a girls day!

I made lots of snacks, and everything looked so pretty!

We played the kinect for a while and got a really interesting shot! ha!

Then we watched, ‘A-Team’ and ‘Hercules’.

Overall, we had a fun time, and ended the night with some yummy, ‘Miranda’s’!!

Good day overall :)



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