20 Jun

Today was a successful Fathers Day, which I will post about tomm., but right now I’m exhausted!

Don’t you hate when you feel so tired, but you can’t force yourself to make that one extra push into dreamland? That’s where I am now.

Ryan put his fist tank in his room while we were dating, so it’s been up ever since I’ve lived here; At night I’m used to seeing light, hearing water cycling, power heads doing their job etc. Well today is the first official night its shut down since we have our other one going in the pool room, so our bedroom is dark.
I’m realizing random lights now that’s its so dark!
Our tv logo glows and ryans work charger blinks. I’ve known this stuff, but its so…BAM now, ya know what I mean?? Ugh.


One Response to “Need…Sleep…Now…!!!!”


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