June 14

20 Jun

June 14, 1991 was the first day my parents ever held me. Dad flew out to L.A and he says one of his favorite memories is when my caretaker placed me in his arms for the first time! He then brought me back to Texas where all of my parent’s closest friends and family were there waiting for my arrival!

Some of my favorite stories are from that day!

Mom and everyone else were at the gate waiting for our arrival.

Passengers walk out..no sign of us. Pilots walk out..no sign of us.

Then mom starts to worry. Did she get the planes mixed up? Did she miss them?

Out walks the stewardesses…no sign of us still…

5 minutes later here we come!

Mom gave dad an outfit that she wanted me to wear for the first time. You figure that he would do it while on the plane, right? No. He waits until most people are off the plane so it wasn’t as crowded and THEN decides to change me. haha.

Good times!

Now, of course I don’t remember any of this as I was only 4 months old, but I’ve seen video. I was a little pain in the rear end! Always crying and stuff :) ha!

I’ve never heard this story, but dad told me the other day and I started cracking up! So, when he fed me for the first time on the plane, he didnt know that babies put the whole nipple into their mouths when they eat! So, when I latched on and put the whole nipple in my mouth, dad freaked out and thought I would choke on it, so he held my bottle barely to my mouth!  He was such a tease! haha.


So because they were on vacation on June 14, we went over to their house on Friday, and they cooked me some chicken, fried rice and zuchinni and squash. YUMM!! It’s always been one of my favorite meals :)! Then, we ate some awesome cake!

When I was younger, I hated the taste of cake…it was sooo..BLECH!

My parents always had to special order my cake! Its a waffle type cake with whipped cream, chocolate shavings and just pure yummyness!! Then I started eating certain cakes, and because to special order one it was so expensive, they just started making me angel food cakes…well, they surprised me with the waffle cake!! Even better than I remember!! YUMMY!!!

Then, they gave me a down comforter, dove chocolate and a Starbucks mocha drink! eek!

It was a fun and very eventful night!!

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