Raf and Taylor

15 Jun

Raf and Taylor came in to town for a week :) We had our family reunion and family time! Since we only see Taylor a couple times a year, we make it a point to hang out!

We went to Saltgrass and hung out and afterwards, we went back to Rick and Diane’s and played marbles until the wee hours of the morning. We were ready to leave around10, but then we played one ‘quick’ game just to teach Raf how to play. Ha! We should have known we would have stayed up all night playing lol.

Best line of the night: Raf was about to send Taylor’s piece home and she said ‘Wait, we’re partners!’ Raf: ‘Yeah, right! HAHA’ and removes the piece. Now, I’m sure you wont get that unless you knew how to play the game, but it was still alot of fun!

Halfway through the game, I had none of my pieces on the board because EVERYONE was sending me home :( It’s okay, we got the last laugh because we ended up winning which is a first! It’s only because Diane wasn’t playing haha


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