Family Vacay!

15 Jun

Lately, Ryan and I have just been busy, busy, busy! We had a Fiscus reunion last week while Taylor was in town which was fun! I was able to meet alot of family on Ryan’s side that I have never met before.  The only thing I didn’t like was that it was at noon, and outside in the sweltering heat! At least we were under the shade!

Ryan and I made our way to Flint, Texas to stay at ‘Lake O’ the woods’ resort. It was about 5 minutes away from the resort we stayed at 2 years ago. It was alot of fun! Ryan, me, mom and dad all traveled down Friday and because Paul had to take his ACT, him and Ryan just came down Saturday evening. On our way there, we stopped at Saltgrass and had some yummy steaks! Dad has never eaten there before, so we decided to take him as an early Father’s Day present. It was expensive, but hey- he deserves it! After we arrived at the resort around 6ish and settled in, we played some miniature golf and walked around! It wasn’t as big as the other one, but it was alot less crowded which was nice! Little kids running and screaming everywhere isn’t that fun :( ha!

We played alot of games though! Turns out, we love the board game ‘Taboo’ and ‘Acquire’ and the ever so fun ‘Shuffle board’! When we made up our own rules, we LOVED the game BUT someone had a crazy thought to look up the real rules though, and they didnt quite like us..I think the score was -80 to 76…yeah, mom and dad killed us -_-

All in all, it was fun!!

Dad and his bugs…

Ryan and I after playing tug-o-war

An intense game of volleyball!

Family picture 2011- Yes, we were very sandy and sweaty!

Mommy and Daddy

Ryan and I at the lake :)

My yummy sandwich I made!! Dad bought ‘Buffalo Cheese’ it was spicy but ooh, it was so good!!

Ryan slept alot, but hey- what’s vacation for?? Ha!

We had alot of fun! My family is still there, but we had to leave early, because APPARENTLY, people want their a/c’s fixed in this 100 degree weather…


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