4 Jun

So Kailey and I had a girls day today! We went and got her haircut, and I love it! I think it slims down her face a million and its just too cute for words! I want to grow out my hair a little bit, and then do something like it :)

Afterwards, we went to Miranda’s for some Mexican food (yumm!) and then went to old Navy, Kohles and Ross! I think I am going to go look at goodwill for clothes…I want t shirts. They are my favorite, and I can get them cheap there. Idon’t know, I will decide if I want to buy something when I go in there. I’m kinda apprehensive about wearing someone else’s clothes, but like I said- hopefully I wont be in them long!

Okay, at Kohles, I almost bought the cutest pair of nude shoes! ADORABLE!

So, I read this  heartbreaking story. Just shows how great the sacrifice our military men and women pay every day for our freedoms. These men and women are of the utmost caliber, and every day I pray for their safety and admire their selfless duty. Our country is strong and great because of the lives given to protect it. God Bless Lt. Weaver’s family and God Bless our military.

So Ryan and I like to have quite a bit of money saved up for ’emergencies’. Well, we are cutting it close with all this fish tank stuff -_- So anyways…I goto pay our $200 phone bill and guess what? I saw that it was paid for!! Then I remembered, since I forgot to pay it last month (yes, my fault!) we paid it a week late, and we went ahead and paid that month and this month. It didnt hurt us at the time, so why not? I know we ended up paying everything we were supposed to, but seeing last night how we already paid it and having an ‘extra’ $200 in our pocket was a nice little surprise!

The MAVS WON LAST NIGHT! BARELY! 93-90. So now in the finals its 1-1 against Miami! It was a pretty intense finale..not gonna lie :) Kailey, myself and dad all watched it. And of course, I made some really yummy potato soup for us all!!

So yeah..thats about it…haha


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