Shopping w/ friends.

31 May

So, lately I have been really busy!

Is that not insane, or what?

I have been finding time for friends though :)

The other day, Kailey, Danielle, baby Adysen, baby Makenzie, Paige and myself all went out shopping together to the mall! It was actually alot of fun, because I havent had a fun girls day in a while :) Doesn’t help that gas is insanely high at $3.75 a gallon -_- Ooh, and I bought some new shorts which are super cute <3

On Saturday, we had a memorial day dinner at Ryan’s parents house, and it was a lot better than I expected. We stayed 3 hours so long enough to have a good time, but left before anything bad happened. We then went to my parents house to celebrate my brother’s 16 birthday! He can legally drive…scary -_- haha.

Then, on Sunday we were going to go to church and then a picnic, but it was sooo hot and I couldn’t choose anything to wear. Sad excuse, I know. We got home from ryans party around 11, and then I stayed up until 1 trying to decide what to wear. It stinks. I don’t have many clothes that can fit me, but because I am losing weight, I really dont want to go buy a new wardrobe… Oh well.

Our church is a love/ hate relationship with me. It’s so hard to find somewhere that Ryan can fit in easily. Put me in a setting, and I can make new friends almost instantly, but him…you have to find a topic he enjoys talking about and then go from there. Hes not a good mingler haha ( I dont even know if thats a real word… lol ) I love the older people at our church, it just seems the youth is fake. I hate to say it, but they are…When I was younger, I went through a snobby stage but I have grown out if that. It just seems that they haven’t. Plus, there is no young adult group or anything. All the young adults are pretty much ‘youth leaders’, and yes, they are on fire for God, but idk how to explain it…Its just hard to talk to them. Plus, life situations are no where near the same…They live with their parents/ We dont, they have minimum wage jobs and want something better/ Ryan has a career, and I am stay at home. Its simple things like that, but it feels as if there is no common ground that we can talk about. Does that even make sense? I wish we went to another church with a younger or more mixed crowd, yet, I don’t want to pull Ryan away as soon as he gets to be friends with some of the older men… Its just something we will pray about.

Somehow, I signed up for Target Baby, so I just got their sales magazine in the mail. There is a free $20 gift card if you make a registry. Is it bad that I want to do that?? I know I am young, and right now just isnt a good time for a baby, but I just cant make my wanting to be a mommy feelings go away. we want to buy things for ourselves first so we can spoil our baby later. Selfish? Maybe. Ryan and I arent willing to bring a baby into this world though if we cant properly care for him/her. The other day, I had a dream I had twins. I’ve always known what I wanted to name my baby girl, but in the dream I found out what I want to name my future son. It was so sweet…goodness, just me posting about babies makes my heart get a fuzzy feeling. It doesnt help that I babysit the cutest little girl either :)


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