Netflix, you will be the end of me.

19 May

Why must I always get hooked on television shows? I never want to watch a 2 hour movie, so I settle for a 45 min show; however, since I get hooked easily, 45 minutes turns into 24 hours ha! When will I learn?

No, I don’t sit in front of the tv all day. I like to watch one or two episodes, until I get the characters down, and then, I listen to the show while I am cleaning or cooking or something.

Its nice. I’m still not sure if getting netflix was a good choice. I love it, because we dont have cable, and it can entertain me since I am a stay- at – home wifey, but I get hooked on to too many shows!  haha

So there is nothing new going on in my life really.

Paul has been spending the night with us the past week, because he is using my computer to write a paper. Let me tell you- taking care of two boys is a mess! I will clean up and go to bed, and when I wake up, the house is a mess again! lol So, those who know me, know I used to be sooo accidental prone, but I am getting better. When Ryan and I were dating, I think I broke 3 or 4 glasses out of pure stupidity! I would walk around when the house was dark, and run into walls or I would be watching a scary movie and throw it on accident…stupid stuff like that -_- haha. So, we bought our new glasses when we were engaged around December of ’09. Well, after our one year anniversary, I was sooo happy that we hadn’t broken one!

I celebrated a little too early. fml.

In the past week, between my brother and husband, we have a total of….FOUR broken glasses. -_- haha.

So in tv news…

1. Chuck is renewed for a new season :)

2. SCOTTY BETTER WIN ON AMERICAN IDOL!! He did AMAZING last night! Tonight, they will eliminate one, and the finale will be next week! Before yesterday, I thought it would be down to Scotty and Lauren; however, it may be down to Scotty and Hailey tonight!

Here are my favorite performances by each contestant:

‘Amazed’ by Scotty McCreery. Words can’t describe how amazing I think this kiddo is. He is so adorable, and I want him to win!

“Wild one” by Lauren Aliana. I don’t like her choice of clothing at all. :/ I don’t know, Lauren just needs to wait a while. I dont think she would be able to handle the stress of being a celebrity. She is only 16, and she gets scared way too easily. oh well, I guess we will see.

‘Rhiannon’ by Hailey Rheinhart. How beautiful is she? Especially when the fans start blowing on her? I just don’t like her raspy voice. I really didn’t like her at the beginning; however, the past couple of weeks she has started to grow on me….

While I am talking about American Idol, look what I found…



3. ‘So you think you can dance’ starts next week! My favorite from last year better return! HAHA I dont think he will, but he left last year because of an injury -_- Better for the other contestants, because he would have blown EVERYONE out of the water!!

I Love me some ALEX WONG!! haha Pure amazingness!


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