McKinney Trade Days

15 May

Today was actually a really fun day!

I had my first outing with the women’s group at my church, and we went to McKinney’s Trade Day! It was so much fun!

Carrie, Carol, Nell, Mom, Jeanene, Sylvia and myself all went; however, we never even saw Jeanene and Sylvia because we were separated :(

It was still a very fun and productive day!

Mom picked me up at 7:30, we ate breakfast at McDonald’s, and then off to the church we were. Since McKinney is a while away, we all carpooled, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t think there was one dull moment!

Kyla hitched a ride with us, and we dropped her off at her friend’s house. We must be too boring for her! ha! Kidding- of course! We talked the entire way up there!

The weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Pretty chilly at first, but it warmed up nicely! McKinney’s flea market was so clean- Nothing like Trader’s Village!

After a successful day of shopping, I spent less than 50 bucks!

I bought: Books, a 1 minute manicure set, Gumbo mix, Pecan muffin mix, popcorn for Ryan, my little brother’s birthday present, turkey leg and something else…I can’t remember it though. Yes, I know it was spent on mostly food, but at least I didn’t buy it on purses or something. I was soooo wanting to buy this pomeranian puppy! She was calling out my name!!

How adorable are pomeranian pups??

Too cute! Why must she have been $300….??

Oh well -_-

On the way back, we stopped at a garage sale, sonic’s happy hour and some little store like Goodwill kind of but with nicer furniture. Ha!

It was over all a successful day!

Now, its like 9:30 and I am so sleepy it’s not even funny!

I’m going to get some shut eye now.



One Response to “McKinney Trade Days”

  1. Austin December 18, 2012 at 8:28 am #

    what’s the dog’s name

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