‘A woman’s work is never done’

11 May

Man may work from sun to sun,
But woman’s work is never done.

How true is that quote? Ha!

I have been doing so much work around the house, it’s not even funny, yet, looking around you can barely tell!

We are redoing our office area and guest bedroom and it’s starting to look pretty great!

It’s amazing what a paint job and some organizing will do, huh? The desk was a pain in the hiney to move! I had to take it all apart and set it back up with no alot of work space :/ Oh well, it’s done and looks great!

We bought a new fish tank! It will be like 5 times the size of ours now. We figured out taking a 15 minute shower 20x’s, will be the amount of water we have to use. Not counting how this will evaporate alot during the day :/

We are going to put in new plumbing lines, and everything, but it’s still going to be a while before we get everything in there -_-

YAY for busy lives -_- ha!

Here is a picture of it so far:

In other news…

1) We may have a serious buyer for our car! He will come out and look at it on Sunday, so we will see :)

2) My sleep schedule is back on track! I sleep from 10-6 with no naps in between! It’s pretty nice!

3) Kailey (Paul’s girfriend) and I have been hanging out alot and having fun! Yesterday, we watched miss adysen, and we had fun! She was sleeping in Kailey’s arms at one point and we screamed in a movie and Adysen jumped up so fast and her little heart felt like it was about to jump out! Too cute!


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