Bestie Day!

6 May

Stephanie is in town!! Being a bridesmaid in Amanda’s Indian Wedding has proved to be hectic! Not only is the wedding a 7 day long deal, but in their culture, they thrive on stress. HAHA

Let’s just say I am glad my wedding week was not that stressful :)

Anyways, I drove out to Garland to meet her :) Yes, I do love her that much that I am willing to drive through Dallas traffic. It actually wasn’t too bad on the way up there. I left at 9, so all that was on the road were huge semi’s, and old grandma’s; It’s okay, because I drive like a grandma! ha!

Well, after months of not being able to see my bestie, I finally got to see her! Just like old times :)

Being a stay at home wife, not going to school, and not having many friends at church can be hard. Stephanie has always stuck with me through thick and thin, and I love her for it! I just wish we lived closer together :(

We had lunch at Mi Cocina and it was so yummy! We celebrated cinco de mayo a day early haha.

Then, we went to Ajay’s family house, and it was beautiful! Very Indian like :)

We had a fun time!!

When Stephanie and I were driving around, I had to slam on my breaks 2x. Yeah, okay…so I haven’t driven in months and plus, I was talking and distracted…At least we are both safe! ha! I might let her drive next time we go out!

After I left though…ohmygosh…

1. I couldnt get over and took 30 E rather than 30W. I took the first exit to turn around and it took me to who knows where…Plus, since they were doing construction, and had detours galore, my gps wouldnt pick me up…blah!
2. I got lost in the hood. I was on 30 needing to exit onto 35, and my gps said to take exit A, even though the sign said I needed to take exit B. I didnt think too much of it though, because sometimes, A&B will take you to the same place….’SOMETIMES’ *hint**hint*.
I took exit A towards downtown. Well, downtown confuses me to no end with all the weird curves and stuff. ugh. so I finally find my way back to turn around. Tturns out, due to construction, everything was torn out. So I drove through the hood to try to find an exit and it was SO SCARY!! Everyone had guns and stuff…FORREAL!!
3. I was driving 65 mph in the 2nd lane to the right, and I was about 2.5 car lengths behind the guy in front of me. I was just keeping up with traffic. Well, guess what? A car darts out in our lane making the guy in front of me COMPLETELY STOP, so I had to slam on my brakes and put up my emergency brake, and BARELY by like an inch stopped behind him…thanks to you and Ryan though, now I always look behind me, and there was a SEMI who was so close I couldnt even see his lights…yeah, it was bad…Everyone is safe though..

So yeah, it was an interesting afternoon to a WONDERFUL day!

Oh, and Ryan grounded me from driving…sweet -_-

So, I went to bed at 9, right? Well, Ryan wakes me up rambling about a fish tank. He found it on craigslist, and it was a good deal, but we had to pick it up that night. Brian, the guy we bought it from, said he needed to bring me to help because 2 people couldnt do it alone…

So, at 9pm, we:

1) Had to goto wellsfargo and get cash

2) Get the trailer


3) Fix the lights on the trailer since they decided to go out right then…

Well, we were finally on the road by 10…Driving when we are both tired is not fun…

We finally got there at 11:30, and the tank was bigger than we thought. No way I could do it, and with Ryans hurt wrist, well…lets just say we are glad Brian called his 2 friends.

I sat there and watched as 4 guys moved the tank down stairs…I can tell you all of their backs hurt that next day! -_-

We finally left and got home at 2, and lets just say I was glad to be in bed.

All in all, it was a fun but busy day haha :)


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