Why can’t the weekend be for fun?

11 Apr

Sometimes I hate having a big house. It’s so much upkeep!

Yesterday, Ryan was a slave driver! We were up cleaning all morning, but on the plus side, at least we have a clean house now :)

We seriously worked our butts off! I made us a really yummy brunch though :) Huge omelets, bacon and cinnamon rolls…yummy! The only bad thing about eating a big meal is you get really tired…it’s hard to stay motivated to work :(

But…I digress….

After about 6, we were finally finished for the day!

We marinated some yummy steaks, and then went to go and get Ryan some new golf clubs!

(Read post: https://emilyfiscus.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/golf-clubs-happy-husband/)

Afterwards, we came home and ate  a really yummy meal! The best kinds of steaks are the $15 big juicy ones! haha

Did I mention it was good? (Trust me, I wish it wasn’t blurry either! haha)

Then, we watched ‘Good Will Hunting’ and cuddled!

Good night :)

Then today, Ryan and I stayed at home and relaxed!  I was up sick all last night; therefore, I went to sleep around 6. Ryan was nice enough not even to disturb me to ask me if I still wanted to go to church. I wish we could have but I was miserable :( oh well!

It’s been a good weekend anyways :)


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