Praising Jesus while doing what you love best.

4 Apr

A few years ago, I was looking through youtube, and found an AMAZING dancer…Miss Criscilla Crossland :)

Her love for Jesus was just pouring through her, and she was just an inspiration! Here is a short message from her…

Couldn’t say it better myself :)

After watching a few of her videos, this version of the ‘Everything’ skit instantly became my favorite…

Yes, it is more pg-13 than the other version; however, I think it’s more powerful…


Later, I found this guy on a random video site…Mr. Coffey Anderson

After watching this, I started listening to all of his work :)

He actually sang the song, ‘You gave me you’, which is the song I walked down the aisle to!

He is amazing!

So anyways, I started following both of their careers, and guess what?!?

They met, dated and then got married!! (Now expecting a little one)


Anyways, I just saw a new video by Coffey called, ‘You are all I’m after’.

Is this goodl or what?!


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