Work. Work. Work

3 Apr

Why must owning your own house be so much work? ugh. lol

Well, today was a pretty eventful day :)

Ryan let me sleep in while he went to do a call at Dairy Queen…how sweet is he?

Then, at around 2, Ryan calls me and he is hungry lol So around 2, I took him some chicken express :)

Yes, we ate chicken express on top of Dairy Queens roof :)

It was fun :D

I love spending time with my husband!

Then, we get home and Ryan did yard work, while I put together my family tree I bought, and cleaned inside.

I know its not too exciting, but I did hang up the family tree all by myself!!

Because I prefer to go grocery shopping late at night when no one is there, after I was cleaning, I was going to take a shower and go when Ryan stopped me.

He asked me out on a date instead :)

We went to Red Lobster, and saw the movie ‘Paul’.

Super cute and too funny!



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