Weight loss update….

24 Mar

I have lost 5 more pounds!

That brings me down to 30 pounds lighter than Christmas :)

I am not posting pictures yet, because I don’t feel as if I look like I lost that much weight :(

Ryan says he can tell a difference though. The only places I can see is my face, legs and feet. My feet are actually the first ones to go down. I can barely fit in any of my shoes right now, but I don’t want to go and buy new ones because they will only keep getting smaller if WHEN I keep losing weight. I say smaller, but I’m in  about a 7.5-8 right now. When I went bowling with my family in February, I was 9..So at least we are going somewhere.

Anyways, I am not sure how much I trust this scale right now, but even if it is off and my actualy weight isn’t accurate, and least I am losing weight, ya know?

Man, I am so excited.

Not really doing too much to lose it either. So yes, when I am counting calories and stuff, I only lose 10 pounds, but as soon as I get sleep, no stress, and not eat as much, I can drop the weight..lol

I still need to eat something right now…it’s almost 2 and I am hungry for a slim fast :) YUMMY! haha

Okay, so here are a couple of pictures of my face.

The first is before I was married, then after I was married, and now….(I just took it and remember I am cleaning lol)



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