Lost weight!!!

20 Mar

Now, I won’t put numbers up, but guess what?!


It’s come as quite a surprise (read on), so I am VERY HAPPY!

Anyone who knows me, knows I struggle with my weight :(


Junior year, I weighed about 145, and this is is probably the smallest I was in highschool…

This is what I looked like when I graduated, and what I would like to get back down to..If I were to guess, I am thinking I was about 150

This is me from our engagement pictures…It’s the side, so you can see my tummy…hmm I didn’t gain too much weight…

I would say maybe 155? Now, I would like to think I wasn’t too fat, just healthy. If you don’t agree, please don’t tell me :)))

Well, then it all went crazy from there because I got married! Cooking all the time, every single meal, every day and well, you catch my drift. I didn’t gain the ‘freshman 15’, but I sure did get the ‘newlywed 100’ haha

These are a couple of pictures in chronological order…see, it started to get out of hand :(

Man, I am trying to find a really good photo to show on how big I have gotten, but I have deleted them all :(

I will let you know something I am VERY ashamed of. My weight almost got to 190..not quite, but that’s when it really hit me that this is INSANE! Sooo…

Oh wait, here is a really good one.

Okay, so I am showing you these pictures (even though its embarrassing) just to show you that my weight has changed a ridiculous amount…

When I finally got fed up with it where it pushed me over the limit, I started eating healthier and exercising and lost 10 pounds!  YAY ME! After losing those 10 pounds though, I couldn’t seem to shake off any more. My weight dropped down two more points…oh big whoop :( That’s how its been a good month…I couldn’t shake off more…

Well today, I got on the scale again because I was curious. Again, it only showed I lost a total of 12 pounds. I stepped off  about to go to bed when I noticed the pin didn’t go down to zero..I accidentally nicked it last time I cleaned it.

So of course, I am getting a little excited because it would take off some weight, and showed that I lost more than what I thought I was losing, right?!

Well guess how much it’s showing I have lost?!

Drum roll please….


Yes, ma’am, I’m excited!

I need to double that, but I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :)))))



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