Hard to say no.

20 Mar

Today, Ryan and I drove out 3 hours away for a time share presentation. Now, does anyone else find it hard to say no, or it it just us? Four hours there, and 3 guys trying to convince you to buy is hard…They have an answer for everything.

It was insane! Their last offer was pretty good though…

$11,500=Lifetime Deed.

  • Anytime you wanted to go between sun-thurs., you could stay.
  • Free camping, swimming, fishing, hiking, etc…(any resort through them)
  • Week long stay; however, you could trade that in plus $200 and go to virtually any resort around the world, well, besides North Korea and Kansas (random much?)
  • Since it would be a deed, you could will it off if something were to happen etc.

It was for ‘Silver Leaf Resorts’. My family and I went their a couple of years ago, and while it was fun, I just don’t see myself there long term….

Ryan and I held strong though, because we would not make the same mistake twice…We just bought the $200 Kirby vacuum, remember? lol

Oh well, it was a fun time.

In return for our time, and listening to their bs, we got a 4 day 3 night cruise :))) We can choose to go to the Bahamas (which ports in Flordia) or Mexico (which ports in Galveston). The choice is ours so we are going to do that for our 1 year :)

Everything is paid for (besides our travel), and taxes. So it will be fun! Already looked it up, too! VERY LEGIT! I can’t wait :)

Then, we won a 5 day/ 4 night trip to our choice of like Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico and a few other places, BUT we would have to pay airfare which would be around $1800…so we will look into that, but we might end up giving that one away :/

Afterwards, we went to our friend’s house- The one and only Mr. and Mrs. Binninger’s :) We arrived late, but they saved us some spaghetti! YUMMY!

We (Phil, Cathy, Mom,Dad, Chelsa, James, Ryan and myself) all played this game, ‘Quelf’! I loved it, but Ryan didn’t like it too much :(

Here is one of the things my dad had to do (make a homemade mask using house items)

Too funny! He is a dork, but I love him!

Now, it’s bed time :)


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