Bestie turns 21!!

16 Mar

Dear stephanie,

I love you so much, and I’m so disappointed I was unable to share your special day with you, but I’m sure you had a wonderful time! I remember planning our parties years ago haha
Good times :)

I can’t wait to see you next time, and when we have the money for it, I def will make it out there! California better watch out!

Happy one year for you and ajay, too! So excited! We’ve been nest friends since 7th trade, and we are now FINALLY in relationships both of us approve of! Just goes to show we know eachother lol

Mmkay, so I really want to video chat with you, but this is taking forever! We ordered uverse a while ago, and should have been up and running on the 10th but noooo. They’ve had 6 technicians, and the 3rd electrician is going to come look at this box down the street today. We will chat soon, and I can’t wait!!

I will call you soon, too! I have a stupid throat virus, so it hurts to talk right now. Ugh :(

We shall talk soon though!

Love you Bestie!!



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