Always. Always. Always

16 Mar

Why do stupid salesmen always get one over on us? Ryan and I are the worst people and saying no to someone :(

We just bought a $2,000 kirby vaccum cleaner. Yes, its a great vaccum, lifetime warranty, deep cleaner, buffer, etc. But no. Haha
We have 3 days from when we bought it to cancel it, so we are fed-exing the cancellation papers today. Hopefully we can get out of this :/ stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
We held up for saying no, but after 6 hours, it got almost impossible :/
Oh well. Yay for the gov’ts 3 day cancellation fee for anything you buy at home lol

Good thing is when they came and did in house cleaning, they showed us some disgusting stuff, so I’ve been doing this huge cleaning spree. Pretty fun, but still :/



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    […] held strong though, because we would not make the same mistake twice…We just bought the $200 Kirby vacuum, remember? […]

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