House wife once again

8 Mar

I had to quit my job because of car troubles, and because I have to drive a lot, it just wouldn’t work out. Since my bosses love me though, I am welcomed back any time :)

I’m kinda glad I don’t have to work there anymore though. It started getting hectic. Yes, I know I’m just a photographer, but its not the ideal job for a married woman.”I’m a victim of my own success”, as my boss likes to say. I started having to go far away since I know a few set ups, and it just wouldn’t work out. For example, this week, I would be living in a hotel and driving more than 15 hours…my husband and I are still in our honeymoon stage…I just couldn’t handle it.

Now I am housewife once again:) Good thing my job is play money.

Well, Ryan and I made the decision to get internet instead of going on a one year trip. Since I don’t have credit, and we want it in my name, it’ll cost us a hefty down payment fee :(
All in all after we get that, netflix, and xbox live, we are looking at almost a grand.
Good thing neither one of us are in desperate need of a vacation :)
And, at least we will be able to video chat and stuff with friends though. It will be fun!!

So yes, that’s been the happenings of this boring old married couple lately :/


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