Lazy weekend

28 Feb

I can think of so much stuff that I could be doing, but this has to be one of the best lazy weekends, ever!

Yesterday, my parents and Ryan and I all went out on a double date. We went to a burger joint over by the college, and it was so yummy! Some of the best fries I have had! We got so full which was good, but all we wanted to do afterwards was take a nap!

We ended up going to the Kimbell Art Museum and toured the Salvator Rosa exhibit. It was actually pretty impressive. While fun, we spent a little too much time there. You know those people who read every. single. thing, and stare at the artwork to try and get inside the artists head? Well, that is my dad. We finally got him out of there, and laughed and had a fun time :)

Afterwards, we went back to our house, and all watched ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour’ dvd. I had to have my dad listen to Bill Engvall. If you have never heard of him, well…you are missing out! He had us all cracking up laughing! Later, my parents left and Ryan and I had a ‘Friends’ marathon. I am thinking right about now he is regretting getting me all 10 seasons lol
It was nice to cuddle in bed though just having ‘us’ time :)

Today was even lazier! We did….nothing. seriously.

We didn’t hear our alarm clocks, so we slept through church :(

Oh, well we ate chipoltle, so I guess we did do something :) I gave Ryan a list of what we wanted, and somehow, he forgot the salsa :(

Turns out that the salsa is a main ingredient to make it taste yummy!! It was still good though, just kind of bland :(

So yeah, here is a look into todays eventful weekend lol



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