Out of my teens!!

7 Feb

I’m finally 20!!!!
Not quite 21, but I’m still no longer a teenager!! I thought it would change drastically…after all, I have been waiting for this day since…well, a long time…but, it feels like just another day :/ haha
Since my birthday was on a Sunday, I was able to sleep in and cuddle with my hubby :) He is so good to me! Then had lunch at olive garden. We arrived at 2 o’clock thinking we would miss the lunch rush but were we WAY wrong! We waited for about 45 minutes! INSANSE! Sadly, the food wasn’t all that great either. They seemed very rushed and unorganized :( Oh well, it was my birthday, and nothing would put me in a bad mood!

At night we went over to the in-laws :) It started out as a great night! They made yummy ribs and my favorite pasta salad! The night started really well, but as time progressed there was much unwanted family drama :(

I don’t want to put too much on here, but I will say because of family differences, we won’t be going over to their house anymore. Ryan and I don’t want to associate ourselves with the negativity of going over there. Granted, Ryan is really close to his dad, and since he works with him that won’t really be an issue, it’s just we don’t see eye to eye with his dad’s girlfriend or son’s. We will go over there on Christmas and such and put our differences aside, but for right now, I think it’s just better to stay out of the family drama :/

Well for presents, I got the Collector’s addition of ‘Friends’! I have been begging for it since forever haha. Ryan actually gave it to me early because of the snow storm, and since I was stuck inside the house he didn’t want me to be bored :) What a sweetie!!!

Then, from his parents, I received a c note which I plan to buy a blu-ray with, and from my parents, I got an Alaskan knife. My parents had one while I grew up, and I took advantage of that little knife. Now that I cook all the time, I grew to miss that thing! haha. Needless to say, I was very excited when I opened it :)




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