Why does driving stress me out??

28 Jan

I know everybody drives, but gosh, I cry in frustration wayy too much! If one driver upsets me, it just makes me make bad decisions the rest of the day! Ive tried so hard to let it roll of my shoulders, but its not helping…
I’m a bad driver at times… I admit that.
Moat of the time, I’m safe though. I won’t bother you, if you don’t bother me. I go 65 in the far right lane. I keep my blinker on a second of two before i get over. I don’t tale, I don’t break check, don’t text and drive, I listen to my radio at a moderate volume so I can still here honking and what not etc. I’m safe.
It’s just with how much driving I do, it makes me go crazy!!
So I almost got t-boned earlier this week as mentioned in the previous post.
In Dallas traffic the other day, I almost got side reared wayy too many times, and then last week I almost got hit my a train.
I’m exiting my exit, and the right turn lane is yellow, so yes, I gas it. Well, right there is a train track. The arm on the other side was down all the way, and my side was 1/2 down. I just looked to my right, and the train was right there… thank God I was able to throw it in reverse and the guy behind me knew I was being an idiot! Wow. Talk about your guardian angel being there…
Driving as much as I do makes me have stupid decisions. Why can’t o find a job doing everything I do now, with no driving…ooh, maybe I should buy a plane haha


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