Forgetting how hard it is.

28 Jan

I’m going on my third week back to work. Granted, I’ve only worked a few days each week;however, its kicking my butt…seriously!
After 3 months of sleeping in, cleaning profusely, and doing honey-do’s, I’m not ready to start waking up at 4 am and driving long hours! Ugh.
I’m always exhausted physically and mentally :(
I’ve started working out more, so my muscles ache so bad, and then, having teachers get upset at you all day is more exhausting than it sounds!
I honestly don’t see how some women can be mothers, students and full time workers!!
I worked at an elementary school on Wednesday, and ugh. It was my first day of putting together our spring set up. Before, I was using our fall set up, just for people who scheduled late. Well, anyways…Janice had me training someone. Yes, I should take that as a compliment, but I hadn’t even set up this rig by myself before! I had in training a week before with 4 other people but hey- ive slept since then lol
So, we got through the day slowly but surely. It was just a bad first day with this particular rig.
Then, the day just got worse…
I go get gas at QT. There are alot of pumps, and maybe 2 people there. So i look down (not even for a minute) to calculate my milege so I know how much I can put on my card. Well, then I hear this huge truck behind my lay on his horn. I look around, and everything is full. Okay, my bad. Im sorry, it was my fault. That doesn’t mean you have to lay on your horn! So I’m already worn on, then as I’m turning left onto the main road, I see a light that’s green. I know its not an arrow, but I go because I just wasn’t thinking…I almost got t-boned..ugh. so by this point I’m crying in frustration. I still needed to go to wal mart, but then it was home at last! Well, I leave my purse in the car, and just take in my wallet. I go in get my 10 items, and realize my card was in my purse pocket. See, I told you I’m not thinking right! So I go and put all of it back, then go get my card, pick everything back up and finally go check out! After I was home, the day drained me out so much! I celebrated by reading a book and crying. How pathetic is that?! Lol



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