5 Jan

I am at my parent’s house, and using the internet waiting for my husband to come home so I can go back home and cook him a wonderful meal haha.

I don’t know what we will have yet, but he deserves something special :) Of course, I try to cook him something yummy every night, but tonight’s should be extra special! He has done so much for me lately :)

Mainly with everything he is doing to the tv room haha.

We are trying to redo our whole house, one room at a time. Who knew how much money that would be?!

I went straight from being under my parent’s roof, to being married. As nice as that is, sometimes I wish I lived on my own for a while. Just to fully grasp the meaning of money. It’s nerve wracking to see all my friends go out and spend ‘daddy’s money’ on whatever they want. They ask me to come along, but when I politely decline, I feel as if they are silently judging. Now, I know that that is unfair of me to assume, and I highly doubt they think that, but sometimes I just can’t help but to assume the worst. I love how all over my facebook feed there are people that always complain about having no money, but always go out and spend it on fast food, and clothes and stuff. Even taking unnecessary trips and stuff. Really, people? With how high gas prices are…Well, don’t get me started on that :)

Its just frustrating. The other day, I broke down and talked to my husband. Like I said, I know I am just overreacting, but it’s hard not to let it get to you. He comforted me, and told me that we really are okay, and stuff. Which, we are. We just can’t go do a lot of random things. You know? We go on our date night’s, and buy clothes when we need them, but we don’t go on ‘therapeutic shopping extravaganzas’  haha

We will be doing better once we get rid of Ryan’s car and our cell phone’s!!!

Back 2009, Ryan bought a SS Turbocharged Chevy Cobalt which is his BABY! haha. All it does is sit in the driveway and collect dust :( I have my car that I use for every day use, and he uses his work truck during the day. The only time we really take his car out is for random reason’s during the weekend since we are a boring old married couple and don’t get out much during the night to party or whatever. Since he isn’t 25, insurance is $300 and car payment’s are $400. If you ask me, a car isn’t worth $700 to be driven once or twice a month haha.

Then, our stupid cell phone’s are $200 a month. No, we did not think that trough :( Our plan is by next month, to get our of our verizon contract ($700), hook on with my parents for me, and him just use his work phone ($65) and get U-Verse internet ($640 b/c we don’t have credit through them) and then get netflix ($8 p/m), xbox live ($100 p/y).

Wow, that looks like a lot of numbers right there, but monthly, we will have more stuff, for HALF the price we are paying now. Is that not insane? I can’t wait to start saving money!

Plus, this is all without me working right now (I am a school photographer, so I got 2 and a half months off, like students do), so with me working and us saving money= SHOPPING SPREE!!!

Just kidding. We are going to put it away for our retirement. Boo. Stupid government. We all know at the rate we are going right now, we won’t have social security the time we get of age to pull it out. haha.

We will be getting new furniture though sometime soon. Have I mentioned that, yet?

Oh yeah, I was going to, before I went off on how money doesn’t grow on tree’s :(

Well, we are going to get new furniture, and a new tv stand and stuff. So far we have our tv and xbox kinect. It’s going to end up being a really fun entertainment room to be in :)

So yeah, that is pretty much what I am thinking right now. haha



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